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Do you miss a your grounding feelings, intimacy in your relationship or have low self-esteem? ​


The problems in our lives may vary, and there can be different things we want answers to weather it seems small or big, weather it´s emotional or physical. Together we´ll find an understanding and solution to your challenges.

I struggled with stress and trust issues that made it difficult for me to open up and let people into my life.

Through my sessions with Ida, I have achieved more peace in my mind and body.

I have become better at setting healthy boundaries that comes from the heart, which has given me more energy in everyday life.

Ida has been fantastic in guiding me through exercises such as meditation, inner child work and exercises on how to communicate my needs better.

I have learned to find peace in my body and mind, even when my mind is racing at 130 an hour and I feel like the cup is about to overflow.

Ida is extremely understanding, present and able to create a connection with those she speaks to.

When we started with Ida, our 16-year relationship was full of bad patterns and habits that we couldn't spot ourselves.

We had actually never learned to communicate the desires we had in our relationship.

I was so close to cheating and being unfaithful.

At the same time, I loved my husband more than anything on earth, but something was missing in our relationship.

We chose to start on a 4-month course. And it's the best thing we've ever spent money on.

Ida helped us with tools for how we could support each other instead of going against each other.

We have learned to communicate "behind" the words. We understand each other better than ever before. I feel seen and heard as a woman. There are still patterns we need to be aware of and we have therefore chosen to continue with Ida.

She is professional and a really skilled therapist.

For a long period of time, I have experienced discomfort in my body and my pelvic area, especially during sex. 

After repeated visits to the gynecologist, where nothing could be seen or measured and "everything looks perfectly fine".

I contacted Ida as I slowly began to understand that my mental and physical issues are largely connected.

During the course we have covered topics such as: shame about sexuality, forgiveness, anger and setting boundaries. We also did meditations, where I "traveled" back to specific situations in childhood/adolescence and healed some wounds. I have found that especially interesting and a powerful tool for my healing. Ida has taught me how important it is that I always have body, mind and spirit connected and she has given me fantastic tools for how I can practice love and presence with my body and mind in my everyday life.


Communication / Conflict management ​


Intimacy ​


Body connection ​




Shame ​


Lust / Pain during sex


Self-esteem / Confidence


Orgasm / Ejaculation


Fertility / Abortion ​


Grief / Betray


Love and understanding

are the two most important ways i can meet you in your process. 

Giving love and understanding is the most incredible way to heal and to meet yourself in your own depth.


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