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My most important task is not to tell you what is right and wrong,

but in making you an expert in your own navigation. 


My name is Ida, I am 29 years old and currently living in Bali.
I am originally from Denmark, but decided to move closer to tropical vibes. 
I am adventurous and curious, and love to look beyond my comfort zone.

Through my training as a sexologist, coaching courses and the love for tantra, I have now found my purpose.
As a sexologist, my main task is to guide you in sexual / intimacy and self-esteem related problems.
I am here to meet you in your difficulties, and add new understandings and perspectives, so you can move closer to your hearts desire. 

I am here to help you restore connection to your nervous system and guide you to more peace in your heart and gut.

My vision is to normalize and raise awareness of the erotic and love-filled world we live in. 

That through love towards ourselves and eachother we can heal grief and pain. 

That love and eroticism is about far more than just sex as we know it, and that it is in fact the deep intimacy we are longing for. 


My expertise



Body connection



Self-esteem / self-confidence

Locked patterns

Gender identity

Orgasm / ejaculation

Fertility / abortion


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